Alexa Ruiz

From New Zealand
CREDO has helped me find a caring and supportive community. I believe that with a community of people living with integrity, honesty and love we have no limits to our potential. When we are able to strive for the best version of ourselves, we also able to lift all those around us up.

Ben Hoyer

I grew up in Lake Mary, but my family is solidly midwestern. But when anybody asks, I now proudly claim Orlando as home.
I see CREDO as working to create spaces or projects around which communities of meaning and impact can flourish. The community that I enjoy the most is my three children (Wesley, Eleanor, Hazel) and my wife. We've been together since 2003 and in Orlando since 2009.

Casey Coleman

From Houston, Texas
I live and breathe music. From songwriting, playing and singing, to dancing, listening and worshiping. It truly colors every aspect of my life. I love that CREDO encourages the cultivation of authentic community, as I believe the best way to experience music is through or with other people.

Chase Patterson

Lead Barista, North Quarter Market
Born in Dallas, Texas. Grew up in Orlando
To me, meaning doesn’t depend on what I’m actually doing or what duties I’m actually performing, but rather how those actions affect others. With Downtown CREDO, the work I am privileged to do each day contributes to the overall community in ways larger than the individual tasks themselves.

Emiley Jones

Marketing Coordinator & Barista
From Orlando, FL
The mission to lead lives of meaning, impact, and community is engrained in every facet of CREDO, and I’m constantly overwhelmed with the level of commitment and intentionality in our customers, our partners, and my coworkers. Coffee can be a medium to so much more, and I am thrilled to see communities of people bettering this city and world through their choices both in and out of our coffeeshops.

Jason Moore

Coffee Director
Born in Charleston, SC, but have been in Orlando for 11 years now and it's definitely what I call home.
We put a lot of thought and effort in ensuring our coffee shops are places where people's isolation is challenged. I love being a part of that because I've found the people that matter to me most are those who extend those same challenges to me. Community thrives on these sort of sharpening connections and I'm grateful we've created spaces where people take ownership of maintaining those levels of relationships.

Jordan Albright

Lead Barista, College Park
From I was born in Detroit, MI, basically raised on the beach in south Florida, then moved to Orlando to pursue degrees in Social Theory and Philosophy at UCF
Living intentionally and with meaning is my heartbeat. I’ve found it to be the most profound way of accessing the greatest amount of value from each situation and interaction I engage. It’s not always the easiest, but I feel it to be the most fulfilling at the end of the day.

Joshua Pearson

From Chattanooga, TN
“I am a small, yet important part of the world - but so is the person standing next to me. So I must choose, each day, to give the best I can, and I must have empathy for others as they struggle to do the same. This is meaningful.”

Katherine Puglisi

From Oviedo, FL
Community is something that I feel everyone needs. We were made for interaction with other people, and community is essential to our lives. This community should feel welcoming and comforting; it should be something that brings you a sense of peace, and promotes growth in your life.

Kayli Keppel

From Fort Wayne, Indiana
Community to me is when people come together under the same roof that are from different cultures and have the opportunity to discuss their differences and similarities openly. I have found meaning in those simple yet beautifully complex relationships that come from a sense of community.

Matthew Ventura

From Orlando, FL
I believe that we, not as a neighborhood but rather as a people, owe respect and love to one another. Downtown CREDO's mission is about community, meaning, and particularly important to me, impact. Fair wages through meaningful relationships are one of the many ways Downtown CREDO strides to achieve our mission.

Maya Bakke

I was born in Minnesota but moved to Lake Mary when I was 4
The one constant in my life over the last 6 years has been CREDO. I feel so lucky to get to make baked goods for this amazing community. My co-workers, the customers, four uniquely different shops – all coming together to bring awareness about where coffee comes from and to do things for our city. It's outside of the norm, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Milena McMurrin

From Crystal River, FL
I think that "impact" starts with loving and caring for the people in your immediate surroundings. Sometimes the biggest impact can come from showing genuine care to someone buying some coffee from you. I think that those daily impacts people can make can inspire and rally people together to pursue impacting the entire community.

Nathan Fields

From North Georgia
To live a life of meaning is, for me, to intentionally engage others in ways that show love and grace.

Nicole Higgins

Rally Director
Born in Jamaica, grew up in Orlando, and claim a handful of cultural cues from time in Georgia (Go Bears!), Southern California, and D.C.
Its perhaps cheesy, but “Meaning, Impact, and Community” is our proverbial 'why' -- it's a neat experience to see how people enter CREDO through various outlets: coffee shop life, cleanups, parades, co-working; and each of these seemingly separate activities are connected through that thread of Meaning, Impact, and Community.

Reed Seely

From Budapest, Hungary

I'm an introvert, so I really like time alone—thinking or driving or listening to music—but too often I’ve used that as an excuse to avoid the energy that it takes to connect with other people. Over the course of my life it’s easy for me to see that some of the best and healthiest times—though not always the easiest—were the times when I let people in and entered into community. I want to continue to take a chance with people and to keep fighting for connection, because I can’t do this life thing by myself, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I’m really thankful to be a part of CREDO, a community where everybody is welcome and where it’s okay if you don’t have it all together. God knows we don’t.

Stephanie Gray

Lead Barista, Exchange
From Florida
Living with meaning, for me, first looks like caring for myself, and out of that peace, being able to be truly present with others. Ultimately I always want people to feel and know that they are seen and heard when they're around me, especially over a damn good cup of coffee.